Bannoffee Trifle

The first to be devoured and licked clean at the dessert table. This unashamedly rich pudding

hides beneath its swirls of whipped cream, a moat of caramel, sliced bananas and sponge fingers.

Eggy home-made custard blends the flavours beautifully, while caramalised walnuts

provide a surprising crunch. It is served in a tall, elegant Martini glass.

$80 with loan of giant martini glass, $105 with sale of glass. Feeds 12 to 20

Trifle, Sherry or Limoncello

An old fashioned favourite which had its heydays in the 1970s is making a rapid resurgence.

It features, in a delectable giant goblet, simple but favourite dessert elements like fruit, cake, jelly and custard.

And given a party groove with sponge cake that has been generously doused with sherry or

limoncello and left to inebriate in the fridge with the custard, cream and jelly.

You and your guests will be welcome to stumble into its boozy deep regions.

$80 with loan of glass jar, $105 with sale of jar. Feeds 12 to 20

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