Wedgewood Cake

The star of any party.

The Wedgewood Cake is a rich Amarula-laced layer Chocolate cake

with a deceptively genteel first impression. It is entirely iced in pale blue, or any

sugar almond shades you choose, and decorated ‘wedding cake’ style with all the requisite bells and whistles.

Unlike wedding cakes, it is entirely ‘soft’, without the use of rolled or royal icing,

and cuts open to reveal a dark and fudgy chocolatey centre.

feeds 14 to 20, $100

Passionfruit Meringue Cake

A party stunner because of its meringue spikes that have been lightly torched, the

Passionfruit Meringue conceals countless layers of light butter cake and real passionfruit custard.

feeds 14 to 20, $100

White Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Caramalised strawberries are sandwiched between white chocolate butter cake and layers

of white chocolate cream.

feeds 12 to 20, $100

2 Responses to “Occasion Cakes”

  1. sharon said

    hi there, do you bake birthday cake for kids? my son is coming 1 year old and I am looking for a nice cake for him.

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