Passionfruit with Mango

Tangy and fruity and great as an after-dinner dessert, this fresh cupcake combines genuine

passionfruit cream with luscious mango cubes.

$4 a piece

Sweet and Salty Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a taste obsession for good reason. Remember the countless times we’ve been caught with our fingers in a sticky jar?

Revisit childhood flavours with peanut butter combined with moist vanilla cake and topped with fine sugared nuts.

$3.50 a piece

Lemon Cream and  Lemon Curd

This sunny delight has a generous curl of tangy lemon cream above,

with a burst of tart lemon curd inside.

$3.50 a piece

Fresh Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and cream, a classic favourite,  with spongy cake this time round —

gives this traditional dessert a fresh spin.

Caramalised walnuts make the experience unforgettable.

$3.50 a piece

Black Forest

Alcohol-laced dark chocolate cake provides the beginnings  for fresh cream and chocolate shavings.

The brandy soaked fruit is the cherry on the cake.

$4 a piece


A simple vanilla cupcake stands tall with a mount of chestnut purée cream,

making it an elegant end to any meal.

$3.50 a piece

Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge

Deep and dark chocolate cake covered with a chocolate fudge icing

$3.50 a piece

Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate icing

The same dark chocolate cake delightfully contrasted with swirls of white chocolate icing and

white chocolate curls.

$3.50 a piece

8 Responses to “Cupcakes”

  1. Diana said mentioned thru FB, i need to order cupcakes for my parents wedding anniversary..Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge wud be nice..but cud u pls make it look pretty? its suppose to be for a surprise party for them…thank you..

    • They’ll be pretty. Do you want them with the white camelias? Those are choc with choc fudge, and cream flowers. The pic is on FB, white flowers with green leaves on a white and green floral plate. People always go wow when they see that. I could have the flowers in a different colour if you like, pink will be great too, It will be fab with 16 in a box

  2. Diana said

    great! i’ll leave the decor of the cupcakes to u..i’ve seen the pics or ur cupcakes and i trust that u’ll do a great job so yes, i’ll have a box of 16 pls…the order is for on the 1st of april..its no April Fool’s joke do i go abt making payment?would u pls email me details of it? thank u!

  3. ivy williams said

    Hi, would carrot cake survive DHL’s overnight flight to Beijing? my bf loves them.. and he’s there for work

    • They would survive but it won’t be the neatest thing cos of the icing. What we could do however is to sandwich the cream cheese icing between the slices of cake. And then clingwrap it. Will taste just as great, but won’t look like the pic here. U r a great gf!

  4. Diana said

    Hi MZ!

    I have ordered some cupcakes before for my parents wedding anniversary and now i am craving for more of them.. However may i know if you do delivery as i have been confined to bedrest till i give birth in January. Just let me know the delivery charges. I would like to order the same cupcakes please(Chocolate & Chocolate Fudge). Design wise i leave it to you. A box of 16 say on the 22nd of November? Looking forward to your reply and the cupcakes! Thanks! =)

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