Let Them Eat Cake

is all about indulgent desserts with a comfortable old-fashioned feel.

They are home-made and taste home-made, and are still rather chic.

We like to think of them as decadent confections that bring out the child in us.

Who wouldn’t want to dive into a great big bowl of pudding filled to the brim

with milky custard, gorgeously gooey caramel, and lashings of cream?

Or cut into a tall cake which reveals its layers upon layers of luscious cream and cake within?

They don’t try to be sophisticated culinary concoctions

but are good fun, delicious, and profoundly heartening.

Our range of desserts includes cupcakes, whole cakes and puddings.

Let Them Eat Cake specialises in dessert buffets, in private home catering or functions.

It brings the service of a dessert spread with that wow factor.

Catering services include

a selection of cakes and puddings as well as loan of all the appropriate tableware

like beautiful great goblets, elegant crystal dishes and tiered cakestands.

Its Creator

Foo Mei-Zee was an editor and writer of fashion and lifestyle magazines, ELLE and THE PEAK,

before her passion for desserts took her from writing about it to making it.

She has been supplying sugary confections to cafes for a few years before establishing

Let Them Eat Cake, a dessert speciality catering and cake business.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. chandra mohan said

    excellent website… very pleasant feel and a nice photo -)

  2. Reis said

    Hi Mei Zee,

    Last Friday my guests brought me a box of your assorted cupcakes. It was a treat for the eyes and upon tasting them, delicious! We like its just-nice texture and the cuteness of the design. I have frequent guests visiting my house ranging from close friends to VVIPs, it would be an alternative choice for catering the next time!


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