Bestselling Favourites

February 28, 2010

Ribbon Cupcake

This pretty little thing with its fluffy creamy cheese icing beneath

pillowy miniature marshmallows is a thrill to untie. The moist vanilla or chocolate cake beneath adds to its allure.

Ribbon colour can be customised according to occasion and theme.

$3 a piece

Carrot Cake

Fab for any occasion, these carrot slices are addictive and are deliberately

sliced in small pieces for good reason. Super moist carrot cake is given texture and bite with generous additions

of walnuts, raisins and pineapple, and iced with vanilla cream cheese.

One bite-size piece just won’t do.

$45 for a box of 25 pieces

Horlicks Cupcakes with Maltesers

Everyones’s favourite malt flavour appears like a childhood dream in this cupcake creation.

Drop-dead delicious when paired with Maltesers. It won’t be just the kids who’ll be picking off the toppings.

$3.50 a piece


A very simple but always welcome dessert of light choux pastry balls filled with fresh cream.

Heart-stoppingly rich Amarula-laced Chocolate sauce is  packed separately, to be warmed slightly and poured

on profiteroles just before serving. Promise we won’t tell if you’re tempted to pass them off as your own.

$45 for 24 pieces.

7 Responses to “Bestselling Favourites”

  1. zai said

    Love the carrot cake! Really addictive! Highly recommended!!

  2. SUPER FABULOUS creations ! Well done Mei Zee ! I HIGHLY recommend Mei Zee’s yummies ! Shazz

  3. Bernice said

    Finally, I get to see your blog – everything looks delectable, desirable and delicious! I just want to eat them all! Well done on launching your blog, the photos of all your lushious cakes are great too. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into them. Bravo!

  4. littlepaperplanes said

    We had your cupcakes, trifle and carrot cake for brunch the other day (Tina’s birthday) and it was absolutely scrumptious! Thank you!

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